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Our specialty services include, core aeration, over-seeding, topdressing, lime, soil testing, disease control, and moisture manager.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a process where small plugs of soil and thatch are mechanically removed from your lawn and deposited on the surface. This process relieves soil compaction, enables air and water to enter the root zone, increases decomposition of the thatch layer, and retains valuable organic material.


The Overseeding service introduces new seed varieties that will help thicken your existing lawn. It is performed in conjunction with the Core Aeration process, and is recommended for well-established lawns with some thinning areas to improve overall density and health.

Topdressing with Organic Compost

Topdressing involves incorporating pelletized Organic Compost over an Aerated lawn. Maintaining optimum organic matter levels in the soil is the most vital aspect of a healthy self-sustaining lawn, and this process vastly improves the soil quality to ensure long-term lawn benefits. Rich soil encourages a healthy root system which in turn is better able to defend against insect and disease attack. This service can be performed on an entire lawn or problem sections with Core Aeration.

Lime Application

Lime can be applied to maintain the present soil pH, or to correct an imabalance discovered upon soil testing. The benefits of Lime are invaluable since turf grasses will not grow well in highly acidic soils, and most soils in New England are acidic by nature. Additionally, well-established lawns require yearly applications of lime to maintain a balanced pH.

Benefits of Lime Include:

Corrected soil acidity

  • Increased availability of major plant nutrients, like phosphorous
  • Increased plant nutrients, like calcium and magnesium
  • Raised microbial activity which improves the soil quality
  • Reduced solubility and toxicity of elements in the soil, such as aluminum and manganese

Soil Testing

We are partnered with Soil Testing labs that provide a detailed report on the most important characteristics of your soil. Based on these reports we can tailor a program that is specific to your lawn’s individual needs. This enables us to give you the correct balance of nutrients, pH, and soil texture, which are all vital to a healthy, disease-free lawn.


Most turf disease is brought on by heat, humidity, excessive rain/moisture on the lawn and temperature fluctuations (hot, humid days and cool damp nights). Excessive thatch in the lawn can also create a climate right for disease.

Generally, Fungicide applications can be avoided through proper cultural practices. However, these corrective applications can be provided when necessary to treat disease, which can be a season-long problem for lawns. Lawn Disease is however sometimes mistaken for Drought Stress. For more information on the differences between Lawn Disease and Drought Stress Click Here.

The fungicide application works systemically in the grass plants. The application is done in order to prevent further spread of the fungus, stop active spores and speed the lawns recovery.


Moisture Manager

Our Moisture Manager application can help cut down your watering costs! Moisture Manager is a biodegradable liquid blend of naturally derived humectants and surfactants that has been trusted by top golf courses for years. When applied to your lawn, Moisture Management technology provides unequaled water conservation, minimized Drought Stress, and watering cost reduction.