bud on a thriving bush branch

Program for Plant Health Care


Turf-Logic’s Plant Health Care Program utilizes the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to provide the best possible care for your landscape.

Our Plant Health Care Technician will visit your property 4-12 times over the course of the growing season depending on the needs of your landscape. If the need arises, problems detected by our technicians will be treated on-site.

After each visit you will receive a detailed report containing information about pests found, measures taken, and comments on the general health of your landscape.

What you get:

  • Pest-Scouting Visits

Plants experience a wide range of stress factors that can lead to loss of vigor, decline, and death. Therefore, a highly trained Plant Health Care Technician will pay periodic visits to your property to inspect plants for insects, diseases, and cultural problems. Pest scouting visits ensure that problems are quickly caught and addressed before they become severe. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem it may be addressed on-the-spot using the IPM principles.

  • Reports

At the conclusion of each visit you will receive a report detailing the overall health of your landscape. Information in the report will include which pests were seen, if and how they were treated, and suggestions on how you can help. These reports are kept on file, creating a record of your landscape’s health that helps us to anticipate and treat future problems.

  • Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis

Timely and accurate diagnostics are key to our Plant Health Care Program. We are partnered with advanced diagnostic labs that utilize culturing and microscopy to analyze tissue and soil samples. Our laboratories provide us with information on microscopic pathogens, as well as crucial nutrient levels in the soil that enable us to make the most appropriate recommendations.