Green grass with the words go green imprinted in it

Turf-Logic’s Organic Lawn Care Program can produce a beautiful lush lawn for your home or business, while still adhering to proven organic practices.

This Earth-friendly, innovative approach focuses on providing the most ideal soil environment possible by increasing microbial activity, maintaining proper pH, and incorporating organically formulated nutrients. We also provide each lawn with custom programs for Integrated Pest Management and organic fertilization to meet all your needs.

  • The most critical aspect of an organic lawn is the soil. Healthy soil is the best defense for your lawn against weeds, diseases, insects, and nearly all other turf stresses! As part of your organic program we constantly monitor key soil characteristics to understand progress that has been made, and formulate plans for the future.
  • Turf-Logic uses granular, all natural, organic fertilizer products aimed at working with nature to encourage strong, healthy new growth.
  • Ideally, your soil is a dynamic community of beneficial microbes. Microbes make nutrients more available to the plant, act as a natural defense against disease, and degrade soil contaminants.
  • Maintaining optimum organic matter levels in the soil is the most vital aspect of a healthy self sustaining lawn. Organic compost enriches soil quality for long-term benefits. This service begins with triple aeration of the lawn. Next the lawn is overseeded with grass seed varieties that are best suited to the location and conditions. Then pellitized organic compost is spread over the lawn to incorporate rich organic matter into the aeration holes and soil. The topdressing is applied at a heavy rate that is equal to 1/8″ +/- depth of mulch type compost.
  • In the fall, core aeration and over-seeding are important to ensure the soil stays non-compacted, has high oxygen levels, and is healthy overall. Over-seeding follows aeration and keeps the lawn dense for the next year. A lawn that is dominated by one grass variety is more susceptible to a range of turf stresses. This service introduces a blend of grass cultivars which help make your lawn more diverse and able to withstand insect damage, drought, and disease outbreaks.

We would love to speak or meet with you to develop an Organic Program specifically for your lawn.