Discount Programs – Lawn Care Promotions


Customer Referral Discounts

Turf-Logic is proud to have built its business almost entirely by word of mouth. We appreciate your kind words, and we want to thank you. Each customer who joins Turf-Logic and mentions your name earns you a 5% credit to your account. So call us with a referral, and we’ll take it from there.

Call (866) 600-8873 or Click Here to refer a new customer!

Prepayment Discounts

Watch for renewal notices in the late fall and winter, because the Prepayment Discount is by far our most popular discount program. The prepay discounts don’ t usually go below 3.5% and can be as high as 10%! or 1-866-600-8873


Senior Discounts

Customers 65 years of age and over can take 5% off all services and programs! Just call or email and let us know. or 1-866-600-8873

High Acreage/Commercial Discounts

This applies to any property over two acres. Call or email for details. or 1-866-600-8873