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Thatch is the layer of partially and non-decomposed plant material between the soil surface and green grass. Thatch of 1” or more is likely to harbor DISEASE & INSECTS which increases the chance of damage.Excessive thatch can prevent water adsorption into the soil, causing drought stress in the lawn. Here are a few helpful tips regarding thatch;

  1. Do not allow the lawn to grow too tall before mowing. Cutting off more than 1/3 of the length of the blades during mowing will leave too much decaying material and add to the thatch layer
  2. Core Aeration is highly recommended for a lawn with excessive thatch. The aeration process enables air and water to reach the grass roots, and increases decomposition of the thatch layer
  3. Apply Moisture Manager to the lawn. The surfactants in the moisture manager will help water move through the thatch layer quicker and easier.