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Is your lawn turning brown even though you have been watering properly and consistently?

It may NOT be drought. It may be DISEASE. Hot, humid days and warm, damp nights create the perfect climate for Lawn Diseases like Brown Patch, Red Thread and others.

Check the Soil Moisture: dig down about 3-4” with a shovel. If the soil is damp it is most likely a lawn disease, not drought. See below for further information on common lawn diseases and remedies.

brown patch in a lawn

Symptoms of Brown Patch – symptoms can vary with the type of grass and soil conditions:

  • Thinned patches of light brown grass that are roughly circular in shape
  • Affected areas ranging in diameter from a few inches to several feet
  • Large areas of the lawn becoming thinned and eventually killed with no circular patch being evident
  • Small, tan spots or lesions with dark brown borders on the grass blades
Symptoms of Red Thread:

  • Tan or bleached-looking grass blades that shrivel from the tips
  • Small patches of dead grass
  • Appearance of small, pink “thread” in the grass
  • Small, pinkish “cotton balls” on the tips of the affected grass