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“Before we started with Turf-Logic our lawn was a mess, and it was at the brink of being completely overtaken by clover. Our tech is friendly, knowledgeable, and has worked wonders.”

~ Jennifer. Sudbury, MA

It is a privilege for me to recommend the services of Turf-Logic. Ever since they have been taking care of our lawn, it has been getting better and better. Now it’s the best in the neighborhood. It was a disaster when they started. They certainly know how to bring it back to life.”

~ Jack Browne. Woburn, MA

“…my lawn has never looked anywhere near as good as it looks since you started caring for it. The grubs are gone, the lawn is thick and luxurious. The only complaint I have is that it grows so fast now I have to mow it every 5 days!”

~ David Calcagni. Autumn Memory Kennels. Bolton, MA

“I had to admit to my neighbors that I was not maintaining the area’s “biggest herb garden”. It was, in fact, a badly neglected, would-be lawn. Dump trucks and backhoes and rolls of sod; that’s what I imagined necessary to transform my little plot. Not so. A technician peppered the wasteland with small holes and grass seed. He revisited twice during the season to apply weed suppressant and nutrients. I have a lawn, a nice lawn. This year I will be mowing grass instead of harvesting roughage.”

~ Judith. Northborough, MA