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Lawn Tips – Mowing

Tips on Mowing Your Lawn Mowing keeps your lawn looking neat and presentable instead of like a hayfield. However, it can be detrimental to your grass if proper mowing techniques are not utilized. Here are some things to think about

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Lawn Tips – Watering

Watering Your Lawn Water is the source of all life, making it one of our most valuable resources. Practicing good watering habits keep your lawn thick and green, but it can also help conserve this precious resource, and keep you

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Lawn Tips – Thatch

Thatch Thatch is the layer of partially and non-decomposed plant material between the soil surface and green grass. Thatch of 1” or more is likely to harbor DISEASE & INSECTS which increases the chance of damage.Excessive thatch can prevent water

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Drought or Disease

Is your lawn turning brown even though you have been watering properly and consistently? It may NOT be drought. It may be DISEASE. Hot, humid days and warm, damp nights create the perfect climate for Lawn Diseases like Brown Patch,